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Quality, catches the eye. For decades, Wood Products (K) Ltd has carried out various interior fit out work for well renowned architects and clients. Our capability and experience in interior fit-outs and finishing's enables up to carry out large-scale projects to the highest standards of quality within a given cost and time frame. From concept to completion; we combine the practical with the aesthetic, creating grace and opulence in all the work we do. Our commitment to design and provide excellent finishing's, defines what we do.

Vision: To become a well reputable company providing clients with the best interior solutions for their projects.

Mission Statement: We shall endeavor to provide our customers within the African Region with eco-friendly, quality building and interior solutions that comply with international standards. We strive to achieve this by empowering our employees to exceed customer expectations by providing unraveled service delivery through our experience and logical expertise.

Background Profile & Experience

From merchant to manufacturer, we have grown to become a key market player for interiors and finishing in Kenya. Formally known as Hardial Singh and Bros, established over a century ago we are amongst the first manufacturers in the East African Region. Since our inception we have diversified to become more customer focused with the objective of providing quality products to our clients. Our long existence in the market has provided us with the experience and knowledge to modernize our manufacturing process which adheres to international standards and regulations such as: The Kenya National Beauru of Standards (KBS) and The National Environment and Management Authority (NEMA). In addition, we have put in place various processes in place to insure we minimize the wastage of finite resources whilst responsible conserving the environment. In our quest for sustainable and responsible business we have used backward integration such as: planting our own timber forests as an initiative to give to the environment.

Wood Products (K) Ltd has a manufacturing facility located in Nairobi's Industrial Area; our facility houses an office block & showroom of 2,000m2, fabrication workshop of 5,000m2 and a closed stacking yard of over 10,000m2.

Our fabrication workshop includes specialized machinery for the manufacturing of our products. We have machines such as: Post-form, Press- form & Edge banding machinery, Specialized CNC machines, multiple molder's, hydraulic presses & rib saws, band saws, kiln driers, a timber treatment plant & various other machinery for processing timber.

We furthermore have a closed storage yard for timber storage, which protects our resources from the elements and encourages natural seasoning and aging. Our timber is dried in one of our five kilns to strengthen and increase its durability, before being utilized in the main fabrication workshop.A visit to our showroom will give you a real feel of the products that we manufacture. We have on display nearly all our product range, from kitchens, wardrobes and even prefabricated buildings.


Perfectly Crafted "Wood Product for your interior solutions"

At WP, we offer an impressive selection of the best quality fittings to choose from. We source our raw materials from a number of quality dealers, serving both the individual and collective markets. But a comprehensive range of interior fittings is only part of the service we offer.

We know that the task of choosing interior fittings isn't necessarily open-and-close. With such a wide array of products to select from, it's often difficult to know where to begin. Design, finishes, fitting and other factors also need to be carefully considered.

We pride ourselves for having a focus on helping our customers choose the right product to suit their specific needs – from selecting the best style and the right surface finish to the most appropriate ironmongery and accessories.

By visiting our showroom, you will experience the high level of personalized service that sets us apart. We have an abundance of fittings to choose from, but we also provide the information and advice you need to make the right decision.

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