Crafted Cabinetry

Crafted Cabinetry

Wood Products (K) Ltd has been hand crafting fine cabinetry for the home for over 35 years. All the board cutting, lipping and joining is done in our factory so we can control the quality from start to finish. Our cabinetry is designed to help clients achieve magnificent yet practicalroom designs that last for generations. Through thoughtful consultation and execution, our designers and cabinet makers create the style, comfort and function you had in mind. Drawing on years of experience, they suggest and implement solutions that best suit your needs.


In today's hectic environment the kitchen has become one of the few meeting places for the whole family. If you are thinking of revamping your old kitchen or installing a new one, consider getting expert advice from WP's kitchen designers. We can offer you a functional inviting space that also compliments the family's lifestyle…

Our kitchens are designed to meet your requirements; our advice is based on local conditions and lifestyles… It's not just about pretty pictures it's about practical, durable ideas that are also attractive and incorporate modern needs.


Space constraints and the cost of living often mean that one may not have a large enough space for the kitchen. Smaller kitchens however, can be just as functional and attractive as larger ones, it really depends on the design.


WP's designers will be able to incorporate your needs and present a detailed 3D walk through video, such that you can envision your kitchen at design stage.

Board Colour Options

Vynal Pressed Options

Work Tops Formaica

Kitchen Top Options

Complete your dream bedroom with wardrobes in deep wood tones and neutral shades. Mirrored styles open up a room to create the illusion of more space, while a classic two-door choice suits minimalist décor.We have options with sliding doors or combination storage units like additional drawers or shelves. We want to help you to get the best storage solution for your clothes and space. We also provideoptional accessories such as clothes rails or special hangers.



"In architecture as in all other operative arts, the end must direct the operation. The end is to build well. Well building has three conditions: Commodity, Firmness and Delight." We provide quality, affordable kitchens that are durable, functional and beautiful.


Planning for a new kitchen can be daunting task, choosing from all the available colours, finishes and endless designs is difficult. Our designers will help you sift through your ideas to pick the perfect kitchen for you.