Forever Flooring

Forever Flooring

At Wood Products you can have the 'perfect door' for any interior or application. From our wide selectionof textures and designs to our luxury range of hardwoods we offer you the opportunity to create yourown work of art. Be it an idea or even a picture you saw somewhere, we can turn your idea into just the dooryou want.

The Heritage…

Wood Products started its product lines with wooden flooring in 1955, over 50 years of flooring has given us a competitive edge from our experience and product knowledge. We have enhanced our manufacturing process with the latest technology and machines in order to provide value for money. Our floors are known for their quality and durability.

The Beauty

Wooden flooring if well looked after is a lifelong evergreen product. The natural raw material results in a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly option that exudes natural beauty. At Wood Products we use specialized lacquers to enhance the grain of the timber. This constitutes to the natural beauty of the wood resulting in a superior product.

The Experience

Through our experience we have perfected our product range to incorporate luxury custom-made specialized wooden floors, right through to affordable modern flooring including laminates, parquet etc.

The Selection

Our range includes: Parquet (3-6 finger), wood block, strip flooring, vinyl's, and specialized flooring such as decking etc.

Specialized Doors

WP also has an extensive range of specialized doors, these include, fire retardant, security and made to measure doors.

Flooring Colors

Flooring Colors