Processed Timber

Processed Timber

Treated Timber

Wood Products (K) Ltd uses specialized equipment and a pressure treating process to treat its timber. Timber treatment is a process that forces chemical preservatives into the wood. Wood is placed inside a closed cylinder, then vacuum and pressure are applied to force the preservatives into the wood. The preservatives help protect the wood from attack by termites, other insects, and fungal decay.The tank is then drained and the timber removed and allowed to dry naturally. This kind of treatment prolongs the life of the timber against infestation from borers, insects and fungus for up to 20 years.

Kiln Dried Timber

Wood Products (K) Ltd has 5 large scale kiln driers. Kiln drying reduces the moisture content of wood before it can be used. Heated air is circulated and the temperature is carefully controlled for the purpose of reaching the wood's equilibrium moisture content: a balance between the moisture content of the wood, and the relative humidity of its surrounding environment, depending upon the end wood products application specifications.

The benefit of kiln drying the timber is that it is dried in a controlled environment, has rigorous testing, and provides a higher quality end product. Bugs and insects are also killed during the drying process. The dried timber is less likely to have distortions, staining, cracks and warping and is more likely to become more durable and naturally enhanced.